Skin Care -Hormonal Acne

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Case Study

By Emily Selden


37-year-old Female

 Problem:  Polycystic ovarian syndrome (Pcos), hormonal acne, pregnant at the time of trial
 Patient presented with cystic type acne on cheeks and jawline. Patient has a history of PCOS, and was pregnant when she came to us to address her concerns.  She struggled with acne on and off for the better part of her adult life.  She was started on a regimen of Purifying Cleansing Gel twice daily. That was followed with Balancing Cocktail which is great for hormonal acne due to the wild yam, a natural form of progesterone. For moisture she would use the Vital Repair gel, and had the option of adding Aloe Matte Moisture when she felt the need for extra hydration. Within 2 months she was noticing no new acne breakouts, and a general clearing of her skin. To add to this, she was eating a cleaner diet with very little refined sugar and wheat which definitely helped heal the skin from the inside.

Consult your ND for help with diet and lifestyle changes. If this skin issue sounds like something you are dealing with Emily could get you started with monthly in office treatment and send you home with products to help you on your way to clearer healthier skin.