Natural Skin Care

Healthy skin is a reflection of our lifestyle

At CCNH, we work to treat all of our patients both from the inside out, and the outside in.

Providing a comprehensive assessment of your skin's health

Our Esthetician works alongside our physicians to provide a comprehensive assessment of your skin health, and treatments to help with specific concerns or overall appearance.  We feel that what you use on your skin is just as important as your nutritional intake.  That is why we searched far and wide to find a quality skin care line, and are thrilled to be carrying and using Rhonda Allison Skin care.

A Clean, Natural & High Quality Skin Care Line

We have the pleasure of carrying Rhonda Allison Skin Care in our practice. It can help treat a variety of skin care issues, as well as give you a refreshing every day skin care routine.

Our Esthetician


Emily has worked in the allopathic dermatology environment for years.  However, she believes in the natural medicine approach to health and applies it to her own everyday life.

“Treating the “whole” person just makes sense, inside and out”.  She understands that topical prescriptions for conditions that stem from nutritional sensitivities and hormone imbalance are a waste of time and money, and that dangerous medications for teen acne should not be so wide spread and accepted.  She believes that working with your naturopath and finding the root causes of health issues coupled with lifestyle and nutritional changes best serves you and your family.  She is very excited to help you blend together the combination of natural health and clean esthetics  using the wonderfully natural and effective line of skin care, Rhonda Allison.   She looks forward to working with you to build a skin care plan that best fits your life and activities!