Not feeling yourself?

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Not feeling yourself?

Maybe Bacteria is to Blame

True or false? The total amount of microbes found in our gut outnumbers our own genetic material by a factor of 200.

The answer is TRUE! The reality is that when it comes to our gut, we are more foreign than self.

Our microbiome is the combination of genetic material of all the microbes that live on and inside the human body, – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. The number of genes in all the microbes in one person’s microbiome is 200 times the number of genes in the human genome. The impact that the microbiota can have on our overall health is becoming more and more recognized by science.

With the advent of new testing methods, we can now identify the makeup of people’s gut microbiome from a stool sample. Scientists are doing just that and are reporting that imbalances in the gut microbiome can have a role in specific health conditions. The list of conditions is growing. The implication is that the health or your gut bacteria is more important than we have understood before.

To put it simply, what we are discovering is that better health is associated with a good balance of diverse population of bacteria in our gut. A Dysbotic (imbalance) of our gut flora could predispose us to certain health concerns.

The science is so new, it seems like each week there is another article on the health impact of gut bacteria. Here are some recent articles that connect gut biome with health conditions.

Gut check time?

If you think you have issues with your digestive function, the Functional Stool Test may help identify the issue. Typical problems discovered include:

Digestive function deficiencies
High markers of inflammation
Gut bacterial imbalance
Markers for Leaky Gut
Treating the digestive track to balance the diverse population of bacteria in your gut can have significant impact on your overall health.