Testing foods post elmination

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General Guidelines for Food Allergy Reintroduction

Foods may be tested in any order
Test only pure forms of foods.
Test only one new food at a time.
Keep a log of what you test, when, in what form, and how much of it.
Keep a log of when you experience symptoms, what they were, and how long they lasted.
Make an appointment for 4 weeks from start to review and discuss your food challenges.

Food Serving size Test item
Milk 8 ounce glass Milk
Cheese 1-2 ounces Cheese (Cheddar, gruyere, or gouda)
Wheat 1 cup or 10 crackers 100% wheat cereal (i.e. Wheetena) or Wheat Weavers
Corn 1 cup or 1 ear Frozen corn, cooked or 1 ear of corn on cob
Egg yolk 1 yolk Egg yolk (hard boiled)
Egg White 1 white Egg white (hard boiled) **Test yolk and white separately.
Soy 1/2 cup or 2 ounces Edamame (soybean in the pod) or Tofu
Yeast 2 tsp/1 square/4 caps Brewer’s or nutritional yeast or 1 ounce vinegar
Sugar 3 tsp Plain sugar *(In a beverage or on a cereal or other
food that you have been eating all along)
Citrus 1 piece fruit Test oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes separately
Peanuts ¼ cup or 2 Tbsp Raw peanuts or natural peanut butter
Chocolate 1 Tablespoon Bakers Chocolate or Unsweetened cocoa powder

When you reintroduce foods:
Have 1 serving of that food at breakfast
If you do not react to the food, have another serving at lunch.
If you do not react to the food, have another serving at dinner.
If you react to that food at any time,
Place it on your “reactive list”.
Do not continue to test or to eat this food.
Wait for the reaction to resolve completely before testing any other foods.
Record details of any ambiguous reactions and do not continue to eat this food. Try again 2 week later to see if clearer results emerge.
If you don’t react to the food after 3 servings, wait an additional 48 hours, watching for any delayed reaction.
If after 48 hours there is no reaction, that is a safe food. You may continue to eat it, taking care not to add back any foods or ingredients that you have not yet tested. (i.e. there is wheat, yeast, and sugar in pizza dough)
If you DO react during those 48 hours, this is a delayed reaction, which is common. Place the food on your “reactive list”. Do not continue to eat this food. Wait for the reaction to resolve completely before testing any other foods.
After your negative reaction clears, or 48 hours have elapsed without symptoms, you may test the next food.
If you have any questions during this process, don’t guess. Contact us!
Consider fatigue, bowel changes, congestion, headache, joint pain, and any other symptom which improved during the food elimination

Food Challenge Log make a chart of the following:

Food Tested
Form of food
Time eaten
Describe any Reaction,
Start time
Reaction End Time

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