Joint Pain Disappears

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We wrote recently in HEALTH NOTES about our success
with Niacinamide (a B vitamin) for patients with anxiety. Not long ago
a Center doctor saw a patient named Deb who is a 28-year-old
accountant. She has been taking Niacinamide 750mg one capsule twice
daily. The doctor spoke with her on the phone a few weeks after she
started the Niacinamide and she reported “I am cool, calm and collected
and have felt this way since I started the Niacinamide”. She had been
using Xanax daily to control her anxiety but no longer needed it
because the Niacinamide effectively eliminated her anxiety.

Recently she returned to the office for a follow up
regarding her anxiety. As she sat in her chair, she smiled. She said
that in her previous visits she neglected to speak about the shoulder
pain she had been experiencing for more than six months. She had seen
an orthopedic physician and had undergone 2 months of physical therapy
with no relief and decided she would learn to live with the discomfort.
At her first visit, her anxiety was so life disrupting that she had
failed to even mention the pain in each of her shoulders. It turns out
that soon after starting Niacinamide for her anxiety, the shoulder pain
disappeared, completely!

In 1955, a Connecticut physician, William Kaufman,
M.D., Ph.D. wrote a paper describing his use of Niacinamide for
arthritis pain (J. Amer Geriat. Society, 1955 3:927-936). Kaufman
reported that high-dose niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, was
beneficial in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. He documented
improvements in joint function, range of motion, increased muscle
strength and endurance, over long periods in these patients. Reported
effects began after 1-3 months on niacinamide and reached their peak
between one and three years. What a benefit, high dose niacinamide is
useful for treating anxiety and some forms of arthritis.