Flax Seeds Help Fight Breast Cancer

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A new study has shown that the role of flax lignans as a
treatment for breast cancer offers promising hope. Canadian
scientists, following up on previous studies conducted in mice,
enrolled woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer as volunteers
to study the effect of flaxseed on the progression of breast

The pre-lignans found in flax seeds convert in the intestines by
bacteria into powerful anti-cancer lignans that actually killed
breast cancer cells. Grouppe Kurosawa, an organization dedicated
to developing treatment protocols for acute and chronic diseases
using only natural medicines has compiled the information on
lignans and cancer at

We can add this regimen for patients unwilling or unable to
undergo standard breast cancer treatments. We have many patients
who have had breast cancer. Some have undergone the accepted
treatments including radiation, chemotherapy or surgery.

Secondary prevention is a crucial factor in continued treatment
for these women. Tamoxifen and similar drugs are usually
prescribed. When these women either finish their Tamoxifen
regimen, stop it because of serious side effects, or refuse to
take it, they want other options.

Our typical supplement program for these women includes:

  • Multi Nutrients V- 2 capsules two times daily with food
  • COQ10- 100 mg daily with food
  • Green Tea Extract 80% 275mg- 1 cap two times daily between meals
  • Curcumin Extract 80-90% 500mg with Bioperine, 1 capsule two times
    daily, and
  • Melatonin 10mg each evening.

Adding the Flax seed lignan as 2.5 tablespoons (approximately 25
grams) of fresh and finely ground flaxseed daily is just another
way to complement a successful natural program for breast cancer.