At Home with Dogs, Cats and Other Allergens

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Not willing to give up your beloved pet, even though your
experience uncomfortable and chronic allergic reactions to it? If
so, we can help in a variety of ways.

We are reminded of Marilyn, a 36 year old woman with a history of
mild seasonal allergies that turned into a chronic severely
uncomfortable respiratory issue after she brought two cats into
her home. By the time she realized that the cats were aggravating
the condition, her attachment was stronger than the discomfort of
allergic rhinitis.

We have most likely seen this in other situations when a mild
sensitivity is completely blown out of control with an added
offending factor. It is the proverbial “rain barrel
effect”. With each drop of rain, the barrel fills slowly,
until that one drop adds just enough to create the spillover.

Taking control of the more modifiable offenders makes a huge
impact even in the face of a stronger allergen.

Start with the cleaning chemicals, which have their hazards. Most
people use several, if not dozens of cleaning agents containing
phenols, chlorine, artificial scents, etc. Not only are these
singly dangerous, but also we have no idea what combined and
chronic use will do.

There are several good books that we suggest in your quest for a
clean but green home: The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn
Siegel-Maier and The Complete Guide to Nontoxic and
Environmentally Safe Housekeeping
by Annie Berthold-Bond.

Both these books offer easy, affordable and effective
alternatives to cleaning chemicals. Reducing this burden of daily
assault on the immune system by itself has proven to reduce
allergy symptoms in many of my patients and they coincidentally
feel a relief at knowing they are protecting themselves, their
families and their pets from unnecessary toxins.

A more difficult and costly way to reduce this rain barrel effect
is to take a more aggressive stance on the actual materials in
the home. Can you get rid of carpeting? Pillow and mattress
covers offer easy protection. Are the heating vents clean? Is
there mold in the house? Mold detection kits can be purchased at
Home Depot and similar stores, making it easy for you to get fast
and affordable information. Is the water supply clean? Filters
for showers and faucets are easily installed.

Two other books that help sort out this quandary are: Home
by Annie Bond and Home Safe Home by
Debra Lynn Dadd.

Nutrients have a huge impact at not only reducing the symptoms of
allergens, but also of strengthening the immune system and
lowering the production of body chemicals released in the
allergic response like histamine or leukotrienes.

Marilyn immediately took on the mission of finding healthy
cleaning solutions and modified her home with water filters and
bedding protectors.

We started her on the following supplements:

  • AllerC – 2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily between meals
  • MultiNutrients no Iron or Iodine – 2 capsules two times daily
    with food
  • Vitamin A-10,000 i.u. – 1 cap daily with food
  • Ultra Pure Liquid Fish Oil high potency – 1 teaspoon daily with
  • Immune Support – 1 capsule two times daily between meals.

Within a few days of starting her supplements, Marilyn noticed an
improvement in energy and a significant lessening of nasal
congestion. After a month’s time, she has remained
virtually symptom free and shares her allergen-reduced home with
Max and Penelope, the felines who roam the house, but also stay
out of the bedroom.