Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Policosinol and Fish Oil

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If you have high cholesterol and are taking statins or other
cholesterol-lowering drugs, you have a healthy option for
reducing cholesterol that is free of side effects.

Ninety patients with high cholesteroal were divided into groups
and studied recently at the Surgical Medical Research Center in
Havana, Cuba. The group taking 10 mg. of policosinol and 2 grams
of omega-3 oils had a 15.3% reduction in their total cholesterol,
a 14.7% reduction in triglycerides, a 24.4% reduction in LDL
“bad” cholesterol, and a 15.5% increase in HDL “good”

Policosinol occurs naturally in sugar cane and is now available
as a nutritional supplement. Our clinic pharmacy has the highest
quality policosinol and omega-3 fish oils. Call our toll-free
pharmacy line (877-347-8600) to order policosinol and fish oil.

Or, if you or a loved one has high cholesterol, consult with one of our physicians about a customized treatment plan
that will lower your cholesterol without the cost and side
effects of drugs.

Source: Castano, G et al, Effects of addition of policosanol to
omega-3 fatty acid therapy on the lipid profile of patients with
type II hypercholesterolaemia, Drugs R D. 2005;6(4):207-19.