Vitamin C Can Help Stabilize Heart Rhythm

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Vitamin C appears to reduce early recurrence of a type of
abnormal health rhythm known as atrial fibrillation, after
patients undergo cardioversion. Cardioversion is a procedure used
to convert an irregular heart rhythm to a normal heart rhythm by
applying electric shock.

Vitamin C also appears to reduce inflammation that accompanies
this condition.

Atrial fibrillation recurrence may be due to electrophysiological
changes in the chambers of the heart, known as atrial remodeling.
Previous animal studies have shown vitamin C can help prevent
such remodeling, and the vitamin has been shown to reduce atrial
fibrillation after cardiac surgery.

To investigate whether vitamin C reduces atrial fibrillation
recurrence, the researchers divided 44 atrial fibrillation
patients into two groups: (standard therapy plus oral vitamin
C, or (standard treatment only. The Vitamin C group received a
2-gram dose 12 hours before cardioversion and 500 mg twice daily
for the next seven days.

Only one (4.5% ) of the patients given vitamin C had a relapse of
atrial fibrillation, whereas eight (36.3%) of patients not given
the vitamin did. In this study, vitamin C supplementation reduced
both atrial fibrillation recurrence and inflammation.

If you or a loved one has heart rhythm problems, please consult with one of our physicians.  In addition to vitamin C, we have
some excellent treatment options to offer you.

Source: Korantzopoulos, P et al, Oral vitamin C administration
reduces early recurrence rates after electrical cardioversion of
persistent atrial fibrillation and attenuates associated
inflammation, J Cardiol. 2005 Jul 10;102(2):321-6.