B Vitamin Reduces Colon Cancer Risk in Women

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Women with high levels of vitamin B6 in their diet seem to have a
decreased risk of developing colorectal cancer — especially
those who consume alcohol — according to a report from Sweden.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden analyzed data
from 61,433 women in the Swedish Mammography Cohort study. The
women were cancer-free and between 40 and 76 years of age when
they enrolled, and were followed for an average of nearly 15

During follow-up, 805 women were diagnosed with colorectal
cancer. After taking account of age and other factors, the team
found that the greater the long-term dietary intake of vitamin
B6, the lower was the risk of colorectal cancer.

Overall, women with the highest level of vitamin B6 intake were
34% less likely to develop colorectal cancer than women with the
lowest level.

The effect was even more pronounced among women who consumed two
or more alcoholic drinks per week. Among these women, the
difference in colon cancer risk between the highest and lowest
intakes of vitamin B6 was 72 %.

“Inadequate vitamin B6 status may lead to the development of
cancerous polyps in the colon, so it is important for women to
maintain a normal to high intake of vitamin B6,” said Dr. Susanna
Larsson, the lead researcher. The findings may be particularly
important for women who consume alcohol, she added.

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Source: Larsson, SC et al, Vitamin B6 Intake, Alcohol
Consumption, and Colorectal Cancer: A Longitudinal
Population-Based Cohort of Women, Gastroenterology, 2005,
128(7):1830 to p1837