Vitamins May Protect Against Cataracts

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As Americans get older, the incidence of cataracts is expected to
triple in the next half century. The risk of this age-related
condition, in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and
impairs vision, may be reduced by taking a daily multivitamin
pill for 10 years or more, recent study findings suggest.

“There is evidence that certain dietary components, such as
vitamins and minerals involved in protection against oxidative
stress, may have a role in slowing cataract development,”
according to Dr. Julie A. Mares-Perlman from the University of
Wisconsin-Madison Medical School. There is “…a body of
evidence suggesting lower risk for cataracts among users of
vitamin supplements and stronger associations with long-term

In the new study, the researchers examined data from more than
3,000 people aged 43 to 86. Individuals who took a multivitamin
or a supplement that contained vitamin C or E for more than 10
years had a 60% lower risk of developing a cataract regardless of
other risk factors.

For example, the relationship between long-term supplement use
and lower cataract risk remained regardless of smoking, alcohol
use, diabetes, age, weight and physical activity. But taking
multivitamins or supplements for less than 10 years did not
appear to lower the risk of developing a cataract.

This article clearly demonstrates that taking a high-quality
multi-vitamin-mineral for the rest of your life will help you
maintain your long-term health. Call us today for our
multivitamin-mineral recommendation.

Source: Archives of Ophthalmology 2000;118:1556-1563.