Short Bursts of Exercise Boost Mood and Energy

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The benefits of exercise on body shape and the heart are well
known, but a new study reports that as little as 10 minutes of
moderate exercise daily can improve mood and reduce fatigue.

The findings were based on 14 female college students who rode a
stationary bicycle at a moderate clip for 10 minutes, 20 minutes
or 30 minutes, or sat quietly for 30 minutes. The results showed
significant declines in levels of fatigue and confusion and
significant improvements in energy levels after 10 minutes of
exercise. Exercise longer than 10 minutes did not see additional
improvements in their mood or overall sense of well-being.

“In general, the results suggest that exercising for 10 minutes
at an aerobic level of 60% (of maximum heart rate) is sufficient
for increasing vigor, decreasing fatigue, and decreasing total
negative mood state,” the researchers concluded.

Source: Health Psychology, 2001.