Dietary Supplements – Price vs. Quality

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When it comes to buying dietary supplements, you essentially have
two choices: buy according to price, or buy according to quality.

There are no standards for quality and no govern-ment regulation
of the supplement industry. What you “see” is not always what you
“get”. So if you buy the cheapest supplement, you may end up with
an inferior product that doesn’t improve your health.

Therefore buying the cheapest is likely to be a waste of your
money. In fact, the lowest-price products may contain impurities
or additives that could actually make you worse.

Our extensive clinical experience indicates that you’re better
off buying the highest quality supplements. By doing so, you
maximize the probability of improving your health and thus
minimizing future medical expenses. Not only will you be
healthier by taking the highest quality supplements, but you’ll
also save money in the long run.

Supplements in our dispensary have been carefully reviewed for
quality assurance by our most experienced naturopathic
physicians. We have extensive knowledge of the supplement
industry and how supplements are manufactured. We know which
suppliers have quality products and which do not. We request that
our suppliers provide us with independent laboratory verification
of product quality. This verification and our in-depth clinical
knowledge of supplements and the supplement industry is not
something you will find at your local health food store or

Don’t let an incredibly low price fool you into buying a product
that won’t give you the results you need. For more information
about how to buy a quality supplement, please go to our
What You Need to Know When Buying Nutritional
web page.