Can Acupuncture Stop Pain?

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Acupuncture can stop acute pain, according to a study from
National Yang-Ming Medical College in Taiwan. The patients
studied had renal colic, a severely painful condition. If
you’ve passed a kidney stone, you probably had renal colic.
So you know how painful it can be. In the study, some patients
were given Avafortan, a painkiller, while others had acupuncture.
The acupuncture patients got pain relief in 2.8 minutes
whereas the Avafortan patients had relief in 7.5 minutes. Some
Avafortan patients had paralytic ileus as a drug side effect. For
any pain, whether acute (such as renal colic) or chronic (such as
arthritic knees), acupuncture can be a very beneficial treatment
– and it has no bad side effects.

Morning Sickness Curbed by Acupuncture

The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management has reported
that pregnant women who experience severe morning sickness
benefited from acupuncture.