Adults urged to take daily multivitamin

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According to an article published in the Journal of the American
Medical Association, researchers at the Harvard Medical School
have concluded that everyone, regardless of age or health status,
should take a daily multivitamin

It’s well known that the elderly and those who follow
vegetarian or other restrictive diets face a significant risk of
vitamin deficiency. However, the really interesting finding in
this study was that even people who eat a normal diet may not be
getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals.

The researchers reviewed studies published between 1966 and 2002
that investigated the links between vitamin intake and diseases
such as cancer and coronary heart disease. They found that low
vitamin intake has been liked to a host of disorders.

For example, studies have shown that taking the B vitamin folic
acid early in pregnancy can help prevent certain birth defects,
while others have suggested the vitamin might cut the risk of
certain cancers and heart disease.

Other vitamins, such as vitamin E, have been found to reduce
cancer risk, and vitamin D plus calcium supplements have been
shown to decrease the risks of bone loss and fracture.

Although vegans eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, they may not
be getting enough of vitamin B12 or certain fat-soluble vitamins
such as vitamin D, which are most often found in animal products.

As people age, they also become less able to absorb some vitamins
from their diets, and research has suggested that people who
drink alcohol may need extra folic acid.

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