How much will my treatment cost?


The cost of your treatment depends on two factors. The first factor is the nature and severity of your health challenges, which we identify during your health assessment. For example, if you have a severe chronic disease, your treatment will take longer and cost more than if you have a simple infection.

The second factor is your level of commitment to removing the causes of your health problems. If you’ve had a chronic problem for twenty years, it’s probably not going to disappear in a matter of weeks. Conceivably, it could take months or years to fully recover from a chronic disease. Full recovery requires that the causes of the condition are corrected or removed. Removing the cause takes longer and is more work than just suppressing your symptoms.

Regaining full function and health will likely be more expensive than trying for a “quick fix”. Of course, the choice is yours. We will tell you what it will take for you to reach your personal health goals, and approximately how much it may cost.

If you have financial concerns, you have the option of recovering your health in phases. In consultation with you, we will develop a treatment program that is within your budget but still moves you in the direction of your health goals.