Food Baths- Good Preventive Medicine

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Food Bath


As more and more of our food supply is a product of the mega farming industry, food safety has become more and more of a concern.  There have been food recalls for various reasons some involving contamination.  While buying organic and buying from local farms might be a way to avoid some of these concerns there are times when this in not an option.  A food wash that can affectively remove pesticides, parasites and bacteria would be a welcome step in preventing exposure to these elements.


This bath has been shown to help remove these toxins as well as oxygenate the fruits and vegetables. This bath can extend the life of fruits and veggies for over two weeks in some cases.  Formula:  Add ¾ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of purified water and let soak according to bathing times below.


Remove them from the bath and then soak them in clean water for another ten minutes, rinse and then dry them and store.


You can substitute apple cider vinegar for the peroxide.


Food group Bathing Time
Leafy vegetables 15 minutes
Root vegetables 30 minutes
Thin- skinned fruits- berries, plums, peaches 30 minutes
Thick –skinned fruits, citrus, apples, 30 minutes
Poultry, fish, meat and eggs

(do not soak ground meat)

20 minutes