Introducing Dr. Monica Benco, D. TCM

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Introducing Dr. Monica Benco, D. TCM 


This February, the CT Center for Natural Health is pleased to welcome acupuncturist, Dr. Monica Benco into our family of practitioners as an important addition to the services we offer.


Trained in Traditional Chinese Medical modalities, Dr. Benco is passionate about treating Mental Health and Women’s Health with Acupuncture, Herbalism and Dietary Therapy.


“While my passions include helping patients better their mental health and aiding with fertility support, I also have had success in treating joint, back and generalized body pains, digestive issues, allergies, menopausal hot-flashes, dysmenorrhea, and migraines.”


In addition to earning her doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute, Dr. Benco also studied at Liaoning University in Shenyang, China. She has practiced at specialized clinics locally such as the West Haven Veterans Administration and Optimus Clinics.


Recognizing an unfulfilled need in medical practice today, Dr. Benco feels a commitment to holistically aiding a woman’s ability to conceive, supporting expectant mothers through their pregnancy journey, and guiding new mothers during the often difficult and neglected postpartum period through dietary and herbal therapies.


An avid yoga practitioner and teacher, Dr. Benco has first-hand experience of how important the connection between body and mind is. She will be an important contributor to CTCNH’s goal of providing the care you need to ensure a healthy body and mind with minimally invasive techniques or side effects like acupuncture to help your body better heal itself.



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