Connecticut- Covid Testing Update

Covid Testing update

In most locations, CT offers Covid19 tests free of charge without a prescription and they are now much more accessible. You may be asked to fill out a simple online questionnaire when you make your appointment as I did at the Middletown Walgreens location.

The more accurate PCR or molecular tests take about 2-3 days. If time is a factor, the less reliable rapid screen test is worth doing in a pinch. Some sites charge for these rapid tests.

Is Testing a viable a strategy for prevention?

Despite the recent outbreak at the White House , using testing as a prevention tool makes sense for several reasons.

  1. It can detect viral presence before symptoms occur
  2. It can detect non–ill carriers
  3. Early positive results allow for early treatment.
  4. Positive test results plus quarantine reduce transmission

You should get a test if you:

  • …develop any new symptoms.
  • …had recent contact with someone who is ill or has tested positive
  • …were traveling in a high-risk geographic location
  • … recently traveled by air
  • … will be visiting family (Keep holidays happy)
  • …are returning from visiting friends or family. (Keep post-holidays happy)
  • … are going to visit people with health issues
  • … work in health care or routinely are in contact with a high volume of people

CT testing site link: https://portal.ct.gov/coronavirus