Dr. Germain Letter

Terms: In the News



I want to share more with you than to just have you hear about the details of the upcoming transition at The Connecticut Center for Health.  I have known so many of you for decades and others for just a brief time.  I think you all know that the opportunity to serve you has been an amazing gift for me and one that has defined my adult life in the best ways.


After almost 39 years at the practice, my enthusiasm and dedication has not waned, only expanded.  Many of you know that over the past few years I have even pursued coursework to expand my comprehension of the idea of well-being.  This passion of mine will continue onward even as I slowly depart from the regular office structure.  My plans are not yet clearly defined, though I know I will be working with larger groups in corporate and health care settings.


I encourage you to make an appointment if you wish to review your current supplement and nutrition plan, as well as assist you in making decisions about other health care providers IF NEEDED.  The front desk will provide you with specifics on both telemedicine and in-person office visits with me.


I will also let you know that I have my first grandchild coming into this world sometime in September, and I will be dashing from the office to be with my son and daughter-in-law and the new baby as soon as I get the phone call.  Again, you will be notified of any need to reschedule as soon as possible.


I am learning a lot about transitions and see that they are not truly events, but are emotional in nature.  I plan to keep my Connecticut medical license for quite some time and am working on creative options that will make our transition together a comfortable one for you.  Be assured, I will keep you posted on all of this as well as updates on any new contact information as it becomes relevant.


Thank you for all the openness, kindness, hard work and success that you have allowed me to be part of.  I am humbled and feel blessed to have shared such important time together.