Legislative Update: We Need You! Join us in the fight for naturopathic prescriptive authority!

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For nearly 100 years, Connecticut has supported diversity in healthcare by licensing naturopathic
physicians. Unfortunately, the laws surrounding naturopathic medicine do not reflect the education
and training that modern naturopathic doctors (NDs) receive, and severely limit the type of care these physicians can offer to their patients.

We are working to include prescription rights for a limited formulary of medications for naturopathic physicians in Connecticut, so that patients can access a full scope of naturopathic medicine during a single naturopathic visit. We are confident that this will increase access to healthcare, reduce duplication of services (and therefore healthcare costs), and improve patient outcomes.
Legislative Update: We Need You!

Currently, Proposed House Bill 5902 is being discussed by the Public Health Committee, and is
scheduled for a public hearing very soon. We need your help to make sure this happens, and that your legislators vote yes on this when the time comes!

Join us in the fight for naturopathic prescriptive authority!

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