Food Sensitivity Prevents Weight Loss by Dr. Keli Samuelson

Food Sensitivity Prevents Weight Loss

by Dr. Keli Samuelson

Martha, a pleasant 45 year old women presents to the office concerned about weight gain. She is conscious of eating clean, keeping sugar and alcohol intake low, and drinking 64 ounces of water a day. She exercises six times a week, changing her routine up between cardio and weight lifting and group exercise classes. Even with all these healthy habits, she has slowly gained 15 pounds in the last four years.


Her bloodwork has not been run in years. I wanted to asses her metabolism and other contributors to weight gain.  In taking her history, she reported digestive issues, bloating, gas and a diagnosis of Esophogeal Reflux.



Labs included a full thyroid panel, blood sugar and insulin, hormonal levels, adrenal panel, iron and ferritin. All her levels came back within optimal ranges, finding no issues with her hormonal metabolism. Because of her digestive issues we also ran some food sensitivity testing.


Food sensitivity can cause a number of issues including weight gain.


Her results showed many food sensitivities. Not surprising, many of her sensitivities were foods she ate all the time. The patient took on the elimination diet willingly in hopes it would help her health.



In less than two months, she lost 10 pounds and felt great. Her digestive function improved she has no bloating or signs or reflux. She stuck with this diet and continued her usual routine and within 4 months lost 15 pounds.


She has noticed other health benefits as well. Her post nasal drip and congestion were gone.  Her energy even improved. She continuous to maintain her weight and good health by following her food allergy diet. Looking at food sensitivities can have many health benefits.


Talk to your naturopathic physician about health concerns that maybe related to food sensitivities.

Many of the major health insurances now cover food allergy testing.