We continually hear about the world-wide epidemic of childhood obesity.  It is not just an American problem anymore.  Certainly, diet plays a huge role in this dilemma.  Environmental factors are also at play.


A recent study found a causal link between “phthalates” and childhood obesity.  Commonly used in soft plastics, packaging, cosmetics, building materials and medical equipment, phthalates may change gene expression associated with fat metabolism. 


The risk associated with childhood obesity increases with the level of DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) in the blood stream.  Children with the highest level of this substance were nearly 5 times as likely of being obese than children with lower levels.


Remember this when drinking from plastic water bottles, using nail polish remover, storing food in plastic containers, or laying a new vinyl floor in the kitchen.


Environment plays a significant role in many chronic diseases.  Obesity is just one of them.