weight loss websites

Deciding to get in shape and lose weight is easy — the hard part is actually sticking to that commitment!We scoured the web and tracked down the best websites to help you stay focused on your weight-loss and fitness goals. Best of all, all of the websites listed here are completely free to use.

1. SparkPeople.com
The lowdown: It’s an online dieting community, but SparkPeople.com also places a huge emphasis on adopting a healthy lifestyle for long-term weight maintenance. The site is packed with useful tools and resources for you to explore. The fitness, recipe, and cooking videos are all easy to follow, and the motivational quizzes and success stories help to keep you on target with your goals. 

2. FitDay.com 
The lowdown: We’ve profiled fitday.com before, and it continues to rank among our favorite websites for weight loss. Log what you’ve eaten using FitDay’s comprehensive food library, or enter your own custom nutritional information. The website then creates pie charts to let you see where your calories are coming from (fat/protein/sugar) and lets you see your long-term weight-loss progress visually.

3. ActiveLog.com
The lowdown: This site incorporates the excitement of competition by allowing members to create challenges and invite other members to compete with and against them. It also allows you to log your daily workouts as well as more holistic health elements such as your emotions and level of fatigue. You can also track your specific body measurements for a better gauge of your fitness level (muscle weighs more than fat, so you may be getting fit even if the number on the scale isn’t budging!)

4. Calorie-Count.com 
The lowdown: Like the other sites, Calorie-Count.com lets you log your food intake and workouts, but also offers great tips for beginner exercisers and expert dieting advice. In addition, there’s a mobile-friendly version of the site so you can stay on top of recording what you’ve eaten even on the go.

5. MyFitnessPal.com
The lowdown: MyFitnessPal.com Logs has easy-to-understand charts for tracking your progress and also shows you a count of how many calories you have “left” to consume for the day to keep you on track with your goals. 

6 & 7. LiveStrong.com and TheDailyPlate.com 
The lowdown: Created in association with the same Livestrong association behind those infamous yellow bracelets, LiveStrong.com is a great health and fitness resource. The site has a feat
ure that allows you to click and drag the path of your runs/bike rides/walks on a Google map, and then generates statistics for how many calories you burned based on that map. Afterward, you can click over to partner site TheDailyPlate.com to log the food you’ve eaten, see charts of the calories you burned versus consumed for the day, and find recipes from other members.