Affordable labs

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Affordalab is a lab that caters to uninsured patients. They do no insurance billing. They have low rates. They process some tests in-house, but most are sent out to Clinical Lab Partners for processing.

We could also use them for patients for whom specific lab tests are not covered by their insurance.

Here is their website: http://www.affordalab.net/

They have 4 locations: West Hartford, New Britain, Manchester and Wethersfield.

I have a price sheet for basic tests. Here are some of their prices for tests we might need:

Homocysteine: $35

VAP cholesterol (includes Lp(a)) $92

Lipoprotein (a): $38

Fibrinogen activity: $26

Vitamin D: $95

Celiac Panel: $180

MTHFR testing: $375 (this is available for $125 through Spectracell Labs)