Labeling and Genetically Altered Food-

Hi everyone – this is really important.  The FDA has allowed companies to genetically alter our food without making them tell us which foods are genetically altered.  Some of these foods are changed so that they produce their own toxins – watch the video. 

Please watch the video.

Please sign the petition.

All that is being asked of the FDA is to make the foods that contain genetically altered ingredients be labeled as such so that you, the consumer can make an educated decision if you want to eat that food or not.

Dr. Ann Aresco

ProNatural Physicians Group LLC


Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for standing with EWG and the Just Label It campaign to tell the FDA that we want foods with genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled.

When my daughter developed a food allergy, I didn’t realize just how food illiterate I’d been. Some of these genetically engineered ingredients are designed to produce an insecticide and withstand increased levels of weed killer. While the jury is still out on the safety of these ingredients, we have the right to know what we’re feeding our families.

Tens of thousands of people have already joined our cause, but EWG still needs your help to make their goal of 65,000 petition signatures. Please take a moment to share the video about my story and EWG’s petition to the Food and Drug Administration demanding that genetically engineered foods be labeled.

Forward this email to your friends and family and they can click here to watch the video and sign EWG’s petition.

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Parents in other countries that require labeling – all of Europe, China and Japan, for instance – can make informed choices when it comes to feeding their kids. I hope you’ll help spread the word so that Americans will also have the right to know what’s in our food. Our families are too important.

Thank you for your support,