grilling pizza


Grilling- PIZZA- by Dr. Michael Kane
Yes you can grill pizza-
this simple meal can be quick and nutritious especially with good topping choices and a salad to acompany it.
For those with gluten sensitivity- you can find gluten free pizza dough as a substitute.
to start-
spray the grill with a olive oil spray–
Prepare your dough- I buy a whole grain dough from whole foods but Trader Joe’s has pizza dough as well.  Roll out the dough
and prepare your toppings-
Light your grill- I use the highest setting to get the gas grill nice and hot.
Place the dough on a hot grill and turn the grill down to low.  Let the dough cook it will bubble and bake quickly with a spadula check for the desired crust.  Flip the dough and immediatley put your prepared toppings on. Close grill and let cook for 3-5 minutes.
note- I usually will saute or cook some of the toppings especially if the 3-5 minute cooking time is not going to cook them enough.
some combinations
artichoke hearts- pesto, feta cheese and olives.
mushrooms, onions, asparagus all sauted before and some asiago cheese with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon at the end.
crumbled blue cheese and fig
sloppy joe pizza- Pizza sauce- sauted lean ground meat (turkey or beef ) with onions and garlic and shredded cheese.