Green tea- Camellia sinensis

Green tea-  Camellia sinensis
 by Dr. Michael Kane
Being a cancer survivor I try to look for those daily things I can do to support a cancer free body.
One of the most common suggestions has been to drink green tea .
Being high in anti-oxidants and flavinoids, green tea can have some significant health benefits.
Consuming green tea orally seems to help prevent or delay the onset of Parkinson’s disease.
Green tea taken orally seems to lower cholesterol and triglycerides.
Drinking green tea is associated with a reduced the risk of bladder cancer, esophageal cancer, and pancreatic cancer
Cooking with Green tea- some suggestions>

Cooking with green tea-

For low heat cooking- where the tea can be absorbed into the food,
adding green tea to soups, making oatmeal or cous cous with green tea instead of water is another way to get more of the anti-oxidants into your food. I have also used green tea for cooking brown rice….but the question I have been looking for an answer to is how sensitive are the anti-oxidants to long term heat exposure…..

Iced tea-
In a large heat resistant pitcher place 3-4 green tea bags or about 3-4 tsp of loose green tea- pour hot water about 2 cups into the pitcher- ideally it should be about ……and let steep for 7-10 minutes. If you want another tea flavor like mint you could infuse them at the same time. remove the bags or strain the leaves and then add one cup of juice- I use what ever I have on hand- pomegranet, apple, white grape. and then fill with cold water.  It is a refreshing alternative to water.