Osteoporosis- case study

Osteoporosis- case study
by Dr. Jackie Germain
Supplementing with Strontium:  Better than Osteoporosis Drugs?
In the past 7 years, there have been four groundbreaking studies showing dramatic increases in bone mineral density and reduced fracture risk with Strontium supplementation.  Existing pharmaceutical drugs work by reducing bone resorption, but do not form new bone. Strontium on the other hand increases the production of new bone without compromising the quality of your existing bone.
Common side effects from Fosamax and similar medications make Strontium a safe alternative for those needing to enhance bone density.  Many people experience abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, difficulty swallowing, diarrhea, constipation -even ulcers on these meds.  A rare but horrifying disease called osteonecrosis has also been reported.  When this occurs, the jawbone actually deteriorates and dies.
At The Center, we have seen many patients who have either experienced complications and side effects or wish to avoid them.  The studies on Strontium have provided us with sound information and another alternative to the medications over the past few years.
A recent case history will best illustrate this.
Jennifer is a 55-year-old college professor who was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in her early 20’s.  For many years, her endocrinologist prescribed very high doses of Synthroid, which can contribute to rapid bone loss.  Jennifer has been an athlete since her late teens and follows a healthy whole foods diet.  Other than her use of thyroid hormone, Jennifer’s lifestyle was the perfect “bone-building” regimen.
At menopause, her bone density rapidly declined. Within 2 years of her last menses, her bone density dropped 6.9% in the spine, 2.8% in the hip and 5.8% in the forearm.  Her endocrinologist prescribed Fosamax.  Unfortunately, Jen had several side effects from the drug including moderate heartburn and joint pain in the hips.  She continued to exercise vigorously in spite of the discomfort.  After a year, her bone density was unchanged.
Jen came to The Center seeking help with her intestinal discomfort, which continued even after stopping Fosamax and to get ideas for building bone.  Ultimately, she added Strontium to her already comprehensive supplement regimen.
It felt like a long year as we waited to get another DEXA bone density test.  The results were remarkable.  After only 12 months, the bone density had increased 10.6% in her spine, 8.2% in the hip and 10.8% in the forearm.
At The Center, we offer a comprehensive dietary, exercise and nutritional supplement program to maintain and improve bone density.  And you won’t have to worry about all those potential side effects!