Gardasil- should your daughter get this “miracle” vaccine ?

should your daughter get this “miracle”
vaccine ?
Gardasil is the vaccination that is reported to prevent cervical cancer caused by the Human Papillomavirus.
The vaccination is being recommended to woman from the ages 11-12 and older  who are not currently infected with HPV.  Some states are considering making the vaccination mandatory.
There are many concerns with this vaccination;
The vaccine is not 100% effective and is designed to protect against 4 strains of the hpv.  There are over 30 strains of hpv and about 15 strains that are associated with cancer.
The short term study to approve the vaccine has yet to demonstrate what the long term effects might be.
There have been some significant reactions reported from the vaccine and in higher proportion than other vaccines. The symptoms range from development of warts to some nervous system dysfunction (36 cases of Guillain -Barre, blood clots, heart failure and death.
The push by physicians to recommend this vaccine with out full disclosure is criminal.
Before considering giving your daughter this vaccine read the full report.
The full report can be viewed
thru website