Counseling & Stress Management

Improvement in attitudes and emotions can be important elements in healing from disease. Naturopathic physicians are trained in various psychological techniques including:

  • Counseling
  • Nutritional Balancing
  • Stress Management Methods

  • Biofeedback
  • Meditation

For more focused counseling support, we are pleased to provide therapy sessions with our Family and Marriage Therapist on staff.

Sean Macauley

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Sean has been working in the mental health field for 14 years in various capacities. He comes with outstanding recommendations from his former employers.  We are lucky to have him joining our practice, specially at a time when we all could use a good therapist.

Sean’s Personal statement

My practice is strength based and I rely on different modalities for working with my clients based on their symptoms and/or desired outcomes.

I am a firm believer of the relationship development between client and therapist to be foundational for successful outcomes; therefore, I put a strong emphasis on developing that relationship as natural as possible.  This process is as much about the dyad relationship as it is anything else, once that is genuinely established true change and development has more potential.

Sean's Passions Include:

  • Couples and Group Therapy

    Sean specializes in working with the couples, from pre-marital counseling to long-term relationships and everything in between. He believes, that working with the whole family in a group session has significant benefit with a multitude of potential blocks waiting to transition into opportunities.

  • Youth and Adolescent

    Sean has years of experience with young adolescents and kids of all ages, in their major life transitions, rites of passage and/or symptomatic behavior. He has worked in multiple Youth Service Bureaus, CT Children’s Probate Court, Private Practice and Public Schools, and brings that experience to his work here.

  • Self Care

    Life is stressful, dangerous, beautiful, amazing, fantastic and tragic. From our Families of Origin, daily stress, relationships, careers, coping strategies and many more we can become blocked and deserve to find new paths. If you are struggling with this or your ability to love yourself, your life or feel your anxiety, depression, anger is at a place where you do not see a way through you deserve to talk to someone skilled like Sean.