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Supplements/Vitamins/Botanicals: January 2011 Archives

Natural Health News

Reviewing non-pharmacological options to prevent migraine

Reviewing non-pharmacological options to prevent migraine from the C.A.M. Report At the University of Turin, in Italy, researchers reviewed the evidence. And contributors to the US Headache Consortium tell us why it's important.•Acupuncture ◦Effective◦Consider to prevent migraine in patients with frequent or insufficiently controlled attacks•Homeopathy ◦No clear evidence to support or refute its use in managing migraine•Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) and coenzyme Q10 ◦Significantly decrease the frequency of migraine attacks•Alpha lipoic acid (antioxidant) ◦Reduces migraine frequency,...

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Natural Health News

Deficiency of Dietary Omega-3 May Explain Depressive Behaviors

Deficiency of Dietary Omega-3 May Explain Depressive Behaviors ScienceDaily (Jan. 30, 2011) -- How maternal essential fatty acid deficiency impact on its progeny is poorly understood. Dietary insufficiency in omega-3 fatty acid has been implicated in many disorders. Researchers from Inserm and INRA and their collaborators in Spain collaboration, have studied mice fed on a diet low in omega-3 fatty acid. They discovered that reduced levels of omega-3 had deleterious consequences on synaptic functions and...

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Natural Health News

more on vitamin d

Mechanisms underlying the actions of vitamin DDr. Christine Gonzalez from Los Angeles, California, has written a thorough review of vitamin D.Let's focus on the actions of vitamin D thought to contribute to disease prevention.Vitamin D effects    * Cancer          o Decreases spread of cells (proliferation) and increases cell differentiation          o Stops the growth of new blood vessels          o Significant anti-inflammatory effects          o Studies suggest a link between low vitamin D levels and an increased risk of...

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Natural Health News

Antioxidants May Improve Chances of Conceiving in Male Subfertility

Antioxidants May Improve Chances of Conceiving in Male SubfertilityScienceDaily (Jan. 18, 2011) -- Antioxidant supplements may benefit couples who have difficulty conceiving naturally, according to a new systematic review published January 18 in The Cochrane Library. The review provides evidence from a small number of trials that suggest the partners of men who take antioxidants are more likely to become pregnant.Male subfertility affects one in 20 men. Chemicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) are said...

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Natural Health News

Vitamin D Levels Lower in African-Americans

Vitamin D Levels Lower in African-Americans, Research FindsScienceDaily (Oct. 1, 2010) -- African-American women had lower vitamin D levels than white women, and vitamin D deficiency was associated with a greater likelihood for aggressive breast cancer, according to data presented at the Third AACR Conference on the Science of Cancer Health Disparities."We know that darker skin pigmentation acts somewhat as a block to producing vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, which is the primary source...

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Natural Health News

Vitamin D3 Is More Potent Than Vitamin D2

HE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM Submitted on September 21, 2010, Accepted on December 2, 2010 Vitamin D3 Is More Potent Than Vitamin D2 in Humans Robert P. Heaney*, Robert R. Recker, James Grote, Ronald L. Horst, and Laura A. G. Armas Creighton University (R.P.H., L.A.G.A., R.R.R.), Osteoporosis Research Center, Omaha, Nebraska 68131; BTR Group, Inc. (J.G.), Pittsfield, Illinois 62363; and Heartland Assays, Inc. (R.L.H.), Ames, Iowa 50010 Background: Current unitage for the calciferols...

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Natural Health News

Essential Oil Pill Prevents PMS

Essential Oil Pill Prevents PMS, Study Suggests ScienceDaily (Jan. 16, 2011) -- A pill containing a mix of essential oils has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access journal Reproductive Health tested the tablets by carrying out a randomised, controlled trial in 120 women. Edilberto Rocha Filho worked with a team of researchers from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, to conduct the tests....

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Natural Health News

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Missing the Mark: Raw Materials Rejected Due To Solvent Issues or Contamination Rick Liva, ND, RPh   As always, the doctors at the CT Center for Health advocate for dietary supplement companies to be comprehensive and diligent in their raw material testing as the primary tool to ensure identity, potency, and minimal-to-no contamination. By testing comprehensively, companies can assurance end users that the products they sell have met a high standard of quality....

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Natural Health News

Protective Properties of Green Tea Uncovered

Protective Properties of Green Tea UncoveredScienceDaily (Jan. 5, 2011) -- Regularly drinking green tea could protect the brain against developing Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, according to latest research by scientists at Newcastle University.The study, published in the academic journal Phytomedicine, also suggests this ancient Chinese remedy could play a vital role in protecting the body against cancer.Led by Dr Ed Okello, the Newcastle team wanted to know if the protective properties of green...

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Natural Health News

breast cancer- EPA and DHA study

This is a big deal. Topic: EPA and DHA Intakes from Marine Sources may be Associated withImproved Breast Cancer PrognosisReference: "Marine Fatty Acid Intake Is Associated with Breast CancerPrognosis," Patterson RE, Pierce JP, et al, J Nutr, 2010 Dec 22; [Epub aheadof print]. (Address: Moores UCSD Cancer Center, University of California,San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093, USA). Summary: In a follow-up study involving 3,081 women who had been diagnosedand treated for early stage breast cancer,...

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Natural Health News

Treating mastitis with probiotics

Treating mastitis with probioticsMastitis is an infection of breast tissue that results in breast pain, swelling, warmth, and redness of the breast. It's a common infection during lactation.Researchers at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in Spain compared 2 lactobacilli strains isolated from breast milk to antibiotic therapy of lactational mastitis.First, the details.    * 352 women with infectious mastitis were randomly assigned to a treatment group for 3 weeks.          o L. fermentum CECT5716, 9 log(10) colony-forming...

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