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Nutrition: June 2013 Archives

Natural Health News

Cocoa May Help Fight Obesity-Related Inflammation

June 12, 2013 -- A few cups of hot cocoa may not only fight off the chill of a winter's day, but they could also help obese people better control inflammation-related diseases, such as diabetes, according to Penn State researchers.Mice that were fed cocoa with a high-fat diet experienced less obesity-related inflammation than mice fed the same high-fat diet without the supplement, said Joshua Lambert, associate professor of food science. The mice ate the human equivalent...

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Natural Health News

This Is Your Brain on Coffee By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS

This column appears in the June 9 issue of The New York Times Magazine.For thousands of years, coffee has been one of the two or three most popular beverages on earth. But it's only recently that scientists are figuring out that the drink has notable health benefits. In one large-scale epidemiological study from last year, researchers primarily at the National Cancer Institute parsed health information from more than 400,000 volunteers, ages 50 to 71, who were free...

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Natural Health News

Flax Seed Chocolate Chip Bars

Flax Seed Chocolate Chip BarsDr. Louden I developed this recipe for a gluten free treat that can satisfy a "sweet" craving without spiking blood sugar and insulin levels. The fiber content is high which can help make you feel full longer too. I recommend consuming a glass of water before or after enjoying your bar.Makes 16 barsCalories: 163Carb:13g Fat: 12g Protein: 3g Fiber:3gIngredients:½ cup walnuts½ cup pecans4 TBS whole flax seeds4 TBS ground golden flax meal4...

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