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Nutrition: April 2010 Archives

Natural Health News

Effects of omega-3 fatty acids in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Researchers at State Hospital Muerzzuschlag, in Austria looked for changes in swollen and tender joints. First, the details. 23 patients with moderate-to-severe rheumatoid arthritis were assigned to a treatment group. Either 0.2 grams of fish oil emulsion/kg (active) or 0.9% saline (placebo) was injected for 14 consecutive days.Then, 20 weeks of 0.05 grams of fish oil/kg (active) or paraffin wax (placebo) was taken by mouth as capsules. A decrease in swollen and tender joint...

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Natural Health News

Omega3 Fatty Acids and children's behavior.

From C.A.M Report- It's suggested that omega-3 fatty acids might have an effect on disorders such as ADHD, autism, and dyslexia. Researchers from the University of Wales, in Newport, UK looked for an association between omega-3 tissue levels and learning and behavior in school-aged children. First, the details. Cheek cell samples from 411 school children were collected and analyzed to establish the range in this population.Teachers and parents assessed general classroom attention and behavior in...

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Natural Health News

Higher Amounts of Added Sugars Increase Heart Disease Risk Factors, Study Finds

ScienceDaily (Apr. 22, 2010) -- Consuming a higher amount of added sugars in processed or prepared foods is associated with lower levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C, the "good cholesterol") and higher levels of triglycerides, which are important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, according to a study in the April 21 issue of JAMA."In the United States, total consumption of sugar has increased substantially in recent decades, largely owing to an increased intake of 'added...

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Natural Health News

Calorie Restriction Leads Scientists to Molecular Pathways That Slow Aging, Improve Health

Calorie Restriction Leads Scientists to Molecular Pathways That Slow Aging, Improve HealthScienceDaily (Apr. 15, 2010) Organisms from yeast to rodents to humans all benefit from cutting calories. In less complex organisms, restricting calories can double or even triple lifespan. It's not yet clear just how much longer calorie restriction might help humans live, but those who practice the strict diet hope to survive past 100 years old.In a review article in the April 16 edition...

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Natural Health News

Marathon Runners Should Pick Cherries for Speedy Recovery

Marathon Runners Should Pick Cherries for Speedy RecoveryScienceDaily (Apr. 3, 2010) -- Dr Glyn Howatson, exercise physiologist and Laboratory Director in the School of Psychology and Sports Sciences at Northumbria University, examined the properties of Montmorency cherries in a study that found that athletes who drank the juice recovered faster after Marathon running than a placebo controlled group.In the investigation, 20 marathon runners drank either a tart cherry blend juice or a placebo drink twice...

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Natural Health News

Chia -salvia hispanica

Chia -salvia hispanicachia seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids (higher then flax) and have been shown to help with lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and blood pressure.start with sprinkling them on your morning cereal- 2 tsp/ 4tsp a day -We now- carry ground chia seeds.....

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Natural Health News

Yummy Oatmeal

Yummy Oatmealby Dr. Michael Kane I cook my oatmeal in a mixture of juice and water ( ½ juice, ½ water)  instead of all water and add lots of fruit and berries to make it tasty without the need for extra sweeteners.Pour juice (apple, white grape, pear, unsweetened cranberry) water mixture in a pot (use the same amount as water is called for on the box.)While the juice/water is heating up add one chopped apple or...

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Natural Health News

Food Bath

Food Bath by Dr. Michael KaneAs more and more of our food supply is a product of the mega farming industry, food safety has become more and more of a concern.  There have been food recalls for various reasons some involving contamination.  While buying organic and buying from local farms might be a way to avoid some of these concerns there are times when this in not an option.  A food wash that can affectively...

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Natural Health News

Stretching your Food Dollar Organic vs non-organic

Stretching your Food Dollar   Organic vs non-organic Dr. Michael Kane In these tough economic times stretching your dollar is almost a necessity. When it comes to making choices about food quality some simple information can assist you in this goal. There are certain fruits and vegetables that arrive to your supermarket with a high pesticide residue. These chemicals are potential hazards to your health and should be reduced as much as possible. A number of...

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Natural Health News

Recipe: Mashed Potatoes Revisited

Recipe: Mashed Potatoes Revisited by Dr. Michael Kane   Do you love mashed potatoes but not all the carbohydrates and calories? Try adding cauliflower to the mix. Slice and boil the potatoes:Take three russet potatoes and cut them in half lengthwise (instead of in small pieces). They will cook much more evenly. This is one of the chef secrets to great mashed potatoes. In some salted water, we're going to boil those until tender.Cut the...

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Natural Health News

Recipie - Lemon Chicken

Recipe    Lemon chicken-Ingredients: 8 organic chicken thighs2 lemons, sliced  seeds removed3 cloves garlic crushed2 tbs olive oil      1/4 cup olive oil8 Roma tomatoes cut in wedges1/2 cup chopped or sliced olives or capers6-8 fingerling potatoes, quartered3 large carrots, cut in large slices2 tsp rosemarysalt and pepper Preheat oven to 450Coat a large oven-proof skillet (cast iron works great) with the 2 tbs of olive oil and layer bottom with lemon slices.On top of lemon place layer of...

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