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Health Concerns: March 2013 Archives

Natural Health News

Anti inflammatory Foods

Foods Can Help Fight Inflammation Mar. 22, 2013 -- Inflammation is the body's normal response to injury. While it may be a natural defense system, it can lead to disease development if it becomes chronic. A University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) expert says one way to fight inflammation is with food. "The inflammation process has one goal: to respond immediately to detect and destroy the toxic material in damaged tissues before it can spread...

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Natural Health News

Mind over stomach......two interesting articles......

Food Memories Can Help With Weight LossMar. 18, 2013 -- Research led by a psychologist at the University of Liverpool has found that using memories of recent meals reduces the amount of food eaten later on. It also found that being distracted when eating leads to increased consumption.Researchers analysed 24 separate studies which had examined the impact of awareness, attention, memory and distraction on how much food we eat.Lower food consumptionThey found that remembering meals, being...

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Natural Health News

Affordable Foods- A plant based Meditterranean diet.

The study, published in the March issue of the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, is believed to be the first to show a decrease in food insecurity -- or a lack of access to nutritional foods for at least some days or meals for members of a household -- as the result of an intervention. Mary Flynn, Ph.D., RD, LDN, the study's lead author and a research dietitian at The Miriam Hospital, designed the...

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Natural Health News

How the CCH Doctors can help you with Asthma/Allergies

How the CCH Doctors can help you with Asthma/Allergies   The goals of Naturopathic treatment for allergies and asthma includes the following:   1. Identification of allergens and asthma triggers: Investigation should include the following: Identification of allergic and non- allergic triggers Food allergy testing/allergy elimination diet Environmental Recommendations - Please read Controlling Allergies and Sinusitis and do your best to accomplish the recommendations outlined. Test your environmental exposure score   2. Increase the reaction...

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