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Connecticut Center for Health: March 2007 Archives

Natural Health News

Spring Cleaning? Think Spring Cleansing of Your Body!

After months of winter, many clean their homes and open their windows to let the fresh air in. Why not take the same approach to your health? Leave holiday indulgences and the dark days of winter behind. Jumpstart a healthy spring and summer - sign up for our upcoming cleanse. This three-week program is designed to reduce the toxic burden on your body. Every day, we are all exposed to toxins and our body...

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Natural Health News

Remember the Probiotics!

We frequently see children with eczema in our practice. Eczema is a noncontagious inflammation of the skin, often caused by an allergy and characterized by itching, scaling, and blistering. Most of the therapeutic focus for eczema is on dietary improvements, supplementation with omega 3 (fish oil & flax oil) and/or omega 6 fatty acids (evening primrose, borage or black currant seed oil) and the daily use of a high potency hypoallergenic multivitamin. We also...

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Natural Health News

Does Asthma Really Exist?

According to research recently published in the British medical journal The Lancet (2006;368:705), asthma may not really be an illness. The diagnosis of asthma, especially in children, has increased dramatically over the past two decades. Now researchers are admitting that the term may actually be used to describe a variety of symptoms that have multiple causes - most of them allergy related. Environmental changes with the introduction of huge numbers of toxins in our environment...

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