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Connecticut Center for Health: April 2006 Archives

Natural Health News

Gritty, Dry Eyes?

We have seen an increasing number of patients complain of scratchy eyes, dry eyes, gritty eyes, and sensitivity to light. Often they blame computer eye strain or allergies for these bothersome symptoms, but "Dry Eye Syndrome" affects millions of Americans and is most likely due to an imbalance in or deficiency of essential fatty acids. We need both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, but the typical American diet is overloaded with omega-6 because of...

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Natural Health News

Flax Seeds Help Fight Breast Cancer

A new study has shown that the role of flax lignans as a treatment for breast cancer offers promising hope. Canadian scientists, following up on previous studies conducted in mice, enrolled woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer as volunteers to study the effect of flaxseed on the progression of breast cancer. The pre-lignans found in flax seeds convert in the intestines by bacteria into powerful anti-cancer lignans that actually killed breast cancer cells. Grouppe...

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Natural Health News

At Home with Dogs, Cats and Other Allergens

Not willing to give up your beloved pet, even though your experience uncomfortable and chronic allergic reactions to it? If so, we can help in a variety of ways. We are reminded of Marilyn, a 36 year old woman with a history of mild seasonal allergies that turned into a chronic severely uncomfortable respiratory issue after she brought two cats into her home. By the time she realized that the cats were aggravating the...

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