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Connecticut Center for Health: April 2005 Archives

Natural Health News

Nutrients Prevent Prostate Cancer

A study released last month showed that high blood levels of major vitamin E components, alpha- and gamma- tocopherol, appear to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by roughly 50%. The findings were based on an analysis of 100 men who developed prostate cancer and 200 who remained free of cancer. Men with the highest levels of alpha-tocopherol at the beginning of the study, before anyone had developed prostate cancer, were 51% less likely...

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Natural Health News

Omega-3 Fats Benefit Babies in Womb

Dietary fats called omega-3 fatty acids may start protecting a woman from breast cancer before she is even born. Unfortunately, most Americans eat far too much omega-6 and too little omega-3 fat, which tends to cancel out the benefits of omega-3s. Most vegetable oils and products made from common vegetable oils are big sources of omega-6 fatty acids, while the omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish oil, green leafy vegetables, flax seeds, walnuts...

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Natural Health News

Vitamin E May Ease Menstrual Cramps

Women may find some relief from menstrual cramps by taking vitamin E a few days a month, according to a new study of 278 teenage girls in Iran. Half the teenagers were given 200 mg of vitamin E twice a day, starting two days before they expected their periods and continuing through the third day of menstruation. The other half received a placebo pill. Both groups were allowed to take ibuprofen as needed. After...

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