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Case Study- Testimonial
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Case Study- Testimonial: April 2010 Archives

Natural Health News

Osteoporosis- case study

Osteoporosis- case studyby Dr. Jackie Germain Supplementing with Strontium:  Better than Osteoporosis Drugs? In the past 7 years, there have been four groundbreaking studies showing dramatic increases in bone mineral density and reduced fracture risk with Strontium supplementation.  Existing pharmaceutical drugs work by reducing bone resorption, but do not form new bone. Strontium on the other hand increases the production of new bone without compromising the quality of your existing bone. Common side effects from Fosamax and similar...

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Natural Health News


ANXIETY: A CASE STUDY by Dr. Sharon Hunter Geri came to see me in October of 2008. She was under a lot of stress due to 2 recent deaths in the family, a recent move to a much smaller home, a husband with a recurring illness husband, and concerns about losing her job in this slow economy. In response to stress, Geri would experience chronic anxiety and intermittent panic attacks. She would also experience her stress in...

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Natural Health News

Lower cholesterol Naturally

Douglas, a 72-year-old gentleman, presented to the office with mild depression and high cholesterol. He has been dealing with high cholesterol most of his adult life. He tried several prescriptions, but had to discontinue each due to side effects. He came to us seeking an alternative. After the initial consultation, we made some minor modifications to  his diet and exercise routine and sent him for some labs to evaluate his cardiac markers, including : a cardio...

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Natural Health News

Bed wetting- a natural approach

Bed wetting- a natural approachby Dr.Michael KaneBed-wetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is an issue that can have a huge impact on a child. The social pressures and expectations not only impact a child's social decisions (no sleep overs) but can have an impact on his or her self esteem. As a parent it is sometimes hard to deal with the issue of chronic bed-wetting. It can be helpful to be reminded that the mechanisms involved...

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