Listening to your Heart, Mind, Gut and Soul.

Listening to your Heart,

Mind, Gut and Soul.


Sean Macauley, 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist



Your Heart longs for TRUTH, your Mind longs for PROTECTION, your Gut longs for BALANCE and your Soul longs for HARMONY among them all.

We as humans have a unique experience on this planet due to our self-awareness, knowledge of past, present and future and knowing we are to die one day.  These few dynamics of our existence prove to us we are more than our mind body.  Our mind body is a tool for us to utilize in relation to our experiences in our world.  If we can acknowledge the most right reality that we are more than our mind body, then we are more than any momentary process, feeling, thought or expectation we may have.  If that can maintain as your belief, you have the power to negotiate all momentary processes, feelings, thoughts, fears, insecurities, resentments or expectations.  This holds the statement, Experience Your Experience but DO NOT Become Your Experience, as truth and a way of being.  This gives you permission to use your mind body as indicator, gatherer of information and presenter of flags to pay attention to.  Therefore, your feelings, thoughts, expectations, desires, insecurities, anxieties, fears, morals, values, interpretations, perceptions all fuel the filters in which you see and hear your environment, whether internal or external.  If you compartmentalize yourself in this way and gather the information being presented to you from your experiences, feelings and thoughts you can then use your critical thinking, self-awareness and morality to decide what to do with the information given to you.  What this means is, in your most uncomfortable or vulnerable places you do not have to become those moments, if you believe you do not have to become them then you acknowledge you are more, therefore always having a path.  You are never done with self, self is always a work in progress.  So, treat it as such.

Listen to your HEART for it is true and meet yourself where you are, you deserve that, are worth that and are WORTHY!!

If you would like to engage in the act of knowing yourself better to then negotiate your world mort optimally reach out.  This paragraph does not do justice to all the nuances or your experiences yet it can provide a foundational process for you to engage in and look at your functioning in a new light.  I would love to know your thoughts and feedback.


Sean Macauley, LMFT