Did you have your Gallbladder Removed ?

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Did you have your Gallbladder Removed?


In Western medicine the gallbladder is considered expendable and not having as much of an impact on the body as a whole and is one of the most common surgeries.

Research shows some risks associated with not having a gallbladder, these include:

  1. Nutrient deficiencies (fat soluble nutrients like Vitamin A, E and D)
  2. Low omega 3 fatty acids
  3. Increase risk for colon cancer
  4. Increased risk for metabolic syndrome (pre-Diabetes)

As a naturopathic physician when someone tells me they have no gallbladder I take note and try to ascertain the impact it has had on them. Because the main function of the gallbladder is to timely  release bile when we needed to digest fat, the ability to absorb fat is compromised.

People might notice more of a digestive issue when they eat a high-fat meal or they could be deficient in those fat-soluble vitamins or other essential fatty acids.

We can assess this through bloodwork and an overall symptomatic review.

So, if you have no gallbladder, it helps to be aware of what foods are high fat foods and moderate the intake, or have digestive support when eating these foods.

Fat soluable nutrients and omega 3 fatty acid testing is available to ensure you are getting enough of these important nutrients.

If you are noticing significant issues with digestive function with high fat meals, you can support the bodies digestion of fats.

The interventions can be dietary:

A more plant-based diet with lots of fresh fruits n veggies.

Avoiding high fat meals

Fried foods

Eating smaller portions

Good dietary fiber


Or the intervention could be digestive support

Supplements for fat digestion:


Natural emulsifiers like lecithin

Bile usually from ox or pig


Let us help you determine exactly what your body needs !


Dr. Michael Kane



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