Immune Support with Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root- 
by Dr. Michael Kane
One of my favorite immune support botanicals is Astragalus Root.  
This root has a number of properties that make it a good choice for an immune tonic. 
It has a good overall safety rating and is also a mild adaptogen (helps with stress).
In Chinese Medicine, Astragalus is considered a qi tonic.  It is particularly thought to support the lung by helping to prevent illness caused by external influences like viral infections. 
Astragalus helps prevent colds and influenza as well as bronchitis, mononucleosis and infections caused by the coxcackie B virus.
The overall support that this herb can bring makes it a good overall tonic and immune support.  It is less effective once you get sick than it is as a preventive measure. 
Other studies show it to be helpful for liver and kidney support.  It has been used by some herbalists to help the body deal with chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the treatment of cancers.
If you are considering this for an option, ask your doctor if it is right for you.