Grounding- Earth based support




Dr. Michael Kane



As a adolescent, whenever I had a troubled day in high school, I would come home grab my dog and head for the woods behind my house.  I had a perfect spot near the brook that had a soft moss covered ledge.  I would take off my shoes and then lie down and close my eyes and let the gurgling sounds of the brook wash away my troubles.  The feeling of the moss between my toes and on the soles of my feet was moist and cool; so refreshing.  I recently learned that this process has been given a name- “Grounding”


 Grounding, is a process that stabilizes our energy.  The earth can act as a reservoir of energy and can help conduct any of the negative energy we accumulate in our bodies.





Many of you may have had similar experiences with the power of grounding.  Research has been done on the physiologic effects of grounding in recent years.  The evidence shows that grounding can work as an antioxidant for the body. This is done by just relaxing us and decreasing the effects of stress hormones and balancing the actual electrical energy in our bodies by using the earth as our energy conduit .


Grounding, like meditation, can be something that has a therapeutic role in a number of health conditions.


I would suggest giving it a try.


Take off your shoes and feel the earth.




I have located five grounding spots within five minutes of our office in Middletown.  I have made a commitment to daily grounding retreats for anywhere from ten minutes to one hour.


I have a number of my patients who I have asked to do the same thing.




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