lecture list





An educational, natural medicine lecture series. Center physicians will discuss and give practical information on the following topics.  The focus of the lecture will be on natural medicines and therapeutics, cost effective therapies, and drug and surgery-free solutions to common health-care concerns.  


AGE GRACEFULLY                                         Develop a health-promoting maintenance program to ensure long-term vitality


ALLERGY RELIEF                                           Treating seasonal, chronic, and acute allergies & sinusitis


ARTHRITIS                                                         Ease the joint pain of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis with fewer or no drugs


AVOID BREAST DISEASE                             Prevention & non-surgical treatment of different types of breast disease


COLDS AND FLUS                                            Seasonal bug-busting with fewer or no prescriptions


CONFRONTING CANCER                              Strategies for prevention and integrating natural medicines with conventional therapies


CALM & COLLECTED                                    Natural drug free prevention & treatment of anxiety, panic attacks & stress


EAT WELL, WEIGH LESS                              A program for attaining & maintaining long term ideal weight


End The EARACHE cycle                        Parent education on ending those chronic childhood ear infections


ADD & HYPERACTIVITY                               Learn a variety of non-drug strategies to increase focus, attention span, and calmness


ENHANCE IMMUNITY                                   Attaining & maintaining optimal immune function


GUT REACTIONS                                              Quieting chronic stomach and intestinal upsets


HEADACHE RELIEF                                      Natural, whole-person, drug-free relief for migraines & headaches


HEALTHY KIDS                                 Guiding your children to optimal health


memory and aging                                    Alzheimer’s and memory loss; what you should be doing now


MENOPAUSE NATURALLY                           Natural therapies for hormonal changes


OPTIMAL ENERGY                                          Achieving peak performance and energy in daily life


OUR TOXIC WORLD                                        The impact of living in a toxic environment, and how to reduce and prevent exposure.


PREMENSTRUAL SANITY                             Natural relief for premenstrual emotional and physical ups & downs


PREVENT HEART DISEASE                        Avoiding heart disease & high blood pressure naturally


Prostate health                                       Decrease cancer risk, maintain optimum urinary and sexual function


REVERSING DIABETES                                A comprehensive, practical approach for preventing & reversing diabetes


SHOPPING FOR HEALTH                             A course for the health conscious consumer, distinguish hype from real health food


SLEEP WELL                                                     Putting sleepless nights to bed naturally


supplements THAT work                      How to find cost effective top quality natural products


Please contact Linda Bazzano. at (860)347-8600 for availability and scheduling.