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Vitamin D improves the response to steriods in asthmatics

From C.A.M. Report

Vitamin D improves the response to steriods in asthmatics

Patients with asthma experience a variable response to inhaled corticosteroids.

Researchers from National Jewish Health, in Denver, Colorado studied the effect of vitamin D levels on this response.

First, the details.

    * 54 nonsmoking adult asthmatics were studied.
    * The relationships between 25(OH)D (vitamin D) concentrations and lung function, airway hyperresponsiveness, and response to inhaled steroids were measured.

And, the results.

    * Higher vitamin D levels were significantly associated with greater lung function, with a 21 mL increase in FEV1 for each ng/mL increase in vitamin D.
          o FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second) is the volume of air forced out of the lungs in 1 second after taking a deep breath. It's an important measure of lung function.
    * Vitamin D insufficiency (less then 30 ng/mL) was associated with increased airway responsiveness (hypersensitivity to irritants).

The bottom line?

Low vitamin D levels were associated with impaired lung function, increased airway hyperresponsiveness, and reduced glucocorticoid response.

The authors concluded, "Supplementation of vitamin D levels in patients with asthma may improve multiple parameters of asthma severity and treatment response."