summer and your skin


Summer and your skin–
Poison Ivy 
 Having a wet spring has created a bumper crop of poison ivy.  If you are sensitive beware. The reaction for those on the more sensitive side can be significant and may require prescription medication like steroids.
our suggestions-
Make sure you wash all clothes and items that may have come into contact with the plants oils.  If you think your pets might be the carrier for the plants oils give them a bath as well.
topical- tincture grindelia/sassafras- apply with a cotton ball to effected area 2-3 times a day.
cool compresses for itch and weeping skin.
Homeopathic rhus tox- 30c take 3-4 pellets every 2 hours. Let pellets dissolve under tongue.
aveno anti- itch cream
or calamine lotion topically-


Prevention is the key- using a good sunscreen for extended sun exposure is recommended- see our recommendations for sunscreen.


for treatment:

Milk Mask by Rhonda Allison- put in refrigerator and apply chilled to effected area 2-3 x a day.
this is a soothing mask
Sea Gems by Rhonda Allison- this is a combination product that helps remove heat and redness from skin. Its ingredients contain potent antioxidants that help repair damaged skin. Apply a few drops to effected area 2-3 times a day.
Exotic Rhodiola- by Rhonda Allison- is a great moisturizer that helps inhibit inflammation and provides strength to the skin protective barrier.  Apply to effected area 2-3 x a day.