Curing diabetes-

Curing diabetes-
The vegetarian way. By Dr. Michael Kane
 There is accumulating evidence that blood sugar control can be greatly improved if type 2 diabetics can adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet.
 Diets that focus on eating foods that are lower in the glycemic index and low in saturated fats help do a number of things that are important for those with blood sugar issues.
1. increase of insulin sensitivity
2.  lower lipid/cholesterol
3. reverses arteriosclerosis in arteries
4. assist with weight loss
A low fat vegan diet- can accomplish this due to the fact that these diets are typically high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and concentrate on foods that will not cause a spike in blood sugar (low in glycemic index).
One study- included a 26 day residential program with a near vegetarian diet, and exercise. The results were impressive of the 197 people on oral medication 140 were able to stop all medication.
Going vegan- means eating no animal products- so lots of whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruits.
with limited high fat foods, (oils, nuts, avocado)
transition to a vegan diet can be challenging for some but could have significant health benefits.
The studies show less emphasis needs to be put on portion size when eating vegan and more focus should be put on getting to an acceptance of eating no animal products.
Making this transition can be more difficult for some then others. But if you want assistance in doing a trial of a vegan diet talk to your doctor about the best way to transition you there.