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April 2007 Archives

Natural Health News

Milk Thistle Extract Helps Manage Blood Sugar in Diabetics

A recent study was published in Phytotherapy Research (Phytother Res 2006;20:1036-9). 51 adults with type 2 diabetes were given either silymarin (a milk thistle extract) or a placebo for four months. The average fasting blood glucose level fell 15% in the silymarin (milk thistle) group, compared with an increase of 13% in the placebo group. Other markers of diabetes management improved in the silymarin group but did not change or worsened in the placebo group....

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Natural Health News

Joint Pain Disappears

We wrote recently in HEALTH NOTES about our success with Niacinamide (a B vitamin) for patients with anxiety. Not long ago a Center doctor saw a patient named Deb who is a 28-year-old accountant. She has been taking Niacinamide 750mg one capsule twice daily. The doctor spoke with her on the phone a few weeks after she started the Niacinamide and she reported "I am cool, calm and collected and have felt this way...

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Natural Health News

Antacid Drugs Increase Risk of Hip Fractures and Weak Bones

A large study has found that taking stomach acid blocking drugs (Aciphex, Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, Protonix), increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture. People over 50 who took these drugs for more than one year had a 44% increased risk of breaking a hip and higher doses for longer periods more than doubled their risk. Blocking stomach acid impairs calcium and mineral absorption leading to weak bones. If you or someone you know uses...

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Natural Health News

Folic Acid as Brain Food

Two new exciting studies have illustrated more health benefits of folic acid. We have known for a while the importance of folic acid supplementation during pregnancy, as it is needed for the normal development of the nervous system, including the brain. Two recent large studies have illustrated the importance of folic acid in older people as well. In a study of 965 patients over age 65, the participants with the highest intake of folic acid...

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