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November 2006 Archives

Natural Health News

Glutamine Eases Chemotherapy Nausea

I have seen another case of chemotherapy induce nausea disappear with the use of Glutamine powder. Within a few days of starting treatment, MaryAnn experienced intense nausea throughout the day with no vomiting episodes. She was taking oral Zeloda for the treatment of colon cancer. I started her on fairly large doses of Glutamine Powder 2 times daily. It made a world of difference for her. She has been on this regimen for the...

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Natural Health News

Intense Skin Itching

I seem to be seeing an increasingly large number of patients who react to exercise or the cold weather with intense itching of exposed areas or with a rash and hives which can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. This type of reaction is thought to be caused by the chemical histamine. I have recently had complete success with two patients, both experiencing exercise induced itching. The regimen I gave them included:...

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Natural Health News

Ginkgo Extract and Ovarian Cancer

At the American Association for Cancer Research's annual meeting in Baltimore last year, Ginkgo was highlighted for its use in the prevention of ovarian cancer. Both initial laboratory and epidemiological evidence demonstrated that women who took Ginkgo supplements for six months or longer were shown to have a 60 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer. Lab experiments showed that the ginkgo extract caused ovarian cancer cells to stop growing. The researchers observed an 80% growth...

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Natural Health News

Aromatherapy for Menstrual Cramps

Plant Essential oils have many healing properties and they have an added benefit of smelling really good! A recent study found that a blend of specific essential oils massaged into the abdomen reduced menstrual cramps by 50%. I just read the study and have only prescribed the treatment to two patients, but both of them reported success with the treatment, which they both said helped within a half hour of the application. Even if Advil...

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Natural Health News

Menstrual Cramps Revisited

I often report on cases of dysmenorrhea for two reasons. The first is personal. I freely explain that the reason I became interested in alternative medicine was because of my own history of menstrual cramps. The second reason is because I see many women who have monthly recurrent debilitating symptoms causing missed work, and more importantly, they miss out on well being. Patients tell me they schedule vacations, dinner out with friends, family events...

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Natural Health News

Over 40? Get Your Vitamin D Level Checked

I saw a patient last week who had given a copy of her blood work that I ordered to her primary care physician. She is a woman in her late 50's with a very fair complexion, a family history of osteoporosis and is mildly hypertensive. She explained to me how baffled her physician was at my ordering a vitamin D level on her as part of a routine blood work up and told her he...

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Natural Health News

Osteoporosis Reversal - A Case History

Karen has been coming to the office for two years now. She first consulted me at the age of 55 with chronic IBS and low energy. Just prior to her initial consultation, she had been experiencing heartburn so an endoscopy was performed and showed mild inflammation of the esophagus. Her gastroenterologist prescribed the acid blocker Prilosec. Her IBS symptoms worsened and she decided to seek out another approach. I won't get into the process...

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