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July 2006 Archives

Natural Health News

More Good News for Green Tea

Researchers from the University of Minnesota performed a meta-analysis of 13 studies and concluded that the consumption of green tea does lower the risk of breast cancer. It was also determined that the women who had the highest intake of green tea had the biggest reduction in the risk of developing breast cancer compared to the women with the lowest intake. I generally recommend 2-4 capsules daily of Vital Nutrients Green Tea Extract for...

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Natural Health News

Niacinamide for Anxiety

Barbara is a 44-year-old physician's assistant who came to me with concerns over increasing anxiety, restlessness and sleep disturbance. Her intense schedule at her medical practice certainly contributed to irregular hours and disrupted patterns of sleep as she worked in a very busy obstetrical practice. Her on-call schedule varied week to week and she was juggling this schedule with her home routine with a husband and two teenage children. Barbara was using Ambien several...

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Natural Health News

Toxic Metals and Inflammation

Karina is a 61 year old woman who came to my office after being diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. She appeared healthy and fit and expressed confusion about the diagnosis and upset about her treatment plan from the rheumatologist. Karina had been on 10-20mg of Prednisone daily for almost 1 1/2 years. Her pain was tolerable on that dose but without it and even at a reduced dose, she described incapacitating pain throughout her joints....

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Natural Health News

Pedicures and Heart Disease

A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology in June 2005 (162(2):157-16found that low chromium levels are associated with an increase risk for myocardial infarction. The researchers actually measured chromium in toenail clippings because they found that it better assessed long term chromium intake over a blood test. Findings indicate that among 1,400 men, those who suffered a heart attack had chromium levels about 15% lower than those who did not. In addition, those...

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Natural Health News

Hormones and Migraines

More and more women come to see me with concerns about headaches; particularly migraines. Most of these women have been worked up by neurologists and have tried numerous prescription drugs that are either ineffective or cause unacceptable side effects. Nancy, age 46, described years of migraine occurrences that started shortly after menarche. The timing was a big clue for me. Although she experienced the headaches in a random and frequent pattern, she ALWAYS had...

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